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A Little Antiquing Find

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While I was home for Christmas (which we celebrated closer to New Year’s), my mom and I spent some time at a little antique store close to her home.  I was delighted to find several tatted doilies, a couple of tatting shuttles, and a darning egg.  Plus one lovely tape lace (bobbin lace) doily with a little square of cutwork in the middle.

I’m always on the lookout for these treasures when I go to an antique store.  I rarely find anything, but I always look.  Some days I hit the jackpot and bring home a load of antique needlework.  There are always many crocheted items and occasionally the odd knitted item.  Tatting and bobbin lace are more rare though.  Once in a while I do collect an especially beautiful example of crochet or knitting, but I really focus on rescuing the better tatting and bobbin lace that I find.

I’m still looking for old Work Baskets, Pieceworks, and books or pamphlets with tatting in them.  I have found few so far, but it’s always fun hunting for them.


One thought on “A Little Antiquing Find

  1. They are beautiful. Well done for rescuing them!
    I saw a craft article once that suggested spray painting old doilies to make patterns on paper underneath. I could have cried. So much work destroyed.