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My 2016 in Knitting

Every year I try to do a year-end accounting of what I have knit or how many projects I have knit.  This year is no different. Note: I’m not counting the washclothes.  Those things are like tribbles and I just keep making more.  My current obsession is the Almost Lost Washcloth Mini.  I think I have cranked out at least 20-30 of these things throughout the year.  They make lovely little gifts and are helping me to work through that pile of cotton I bought a while back. Ahem. In any case, here is what I finished this year, in no certain order!

  • Scarf-6
  • Hat-7
  • Socks-10
  • Shawl- 6
  • Cowl- 4
  • Cardigan- 1
  • Shrug-1
  • Blanket- 1
  • Mitts-1

37 finished projects and 33 new patterns.  Not too shabby for a year. Huh? Wow.  33 new patterns.  That brings me to a total of 78 published patterns.  I’m not sure how prolific I will be next year, but I think 22 would be ok. 🙂  That would bring me to 100 published patterns.  Oh, and did you catch the new book?  I’ll be releasing it in Feb.  How exciting is that?


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