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It’s Growing!

I’m terribly pleased to see that my Thanksgiving Cacti both had full blooms in mid-November and as of right now are still blooming.  Many of the blooms are dead of course, but they have continued to just bloom profusely.  I’m enjoying the show.  Plus, the curry tree seed I planted is sprouting.  Such an exciting thing.  I just tucked it in the soil and watered it and thought I would take a chance.  No idea if it will continue to grow, but hey! Right now I have a sprouted curry tree seed.  What made me even more excited was my orchid.  Well, actually both of my orchids are growing flower spikes, but I only took a photo of the Oncidium.  Whoo!  Orchid blooms!  I’m not a complete newbie to orchids as I’ve grown them before, but I really do get a thrill every time I successfully grow a flower spike.