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On The Way Out

We stopped at the Opryland Hotel, Grand Ole Orpy, and the National Quilt Museum.  The trees were beautiful at Opryland.  I didn’t know it was so large or that it had so much interior.  The walkways! The shops!  The sheer scale of it all!  Crazy, man, crazy.

Sadly, the Grand Ole Opry was not open for tours, so we just popped in to see the gift shop and walked around outside for a bit.

The National Quilt Museum was another establishment that didn’t allow interior photographs, but at least they got their act together and published a book of the collection.  So, I can peruse the photographs for inspiration whenever I want to in the sweet comfort of my own home.  Lovely.  I also met the owner of the Itty Bitty Knitty Shop in Paducah.  Not only is it an adorable shop, but I’m hoping to teach and do a trunk show there soon!  Do I have any followers down near Paducah?  What would you want me to teach? Tatting? Knitting? Socks? Lace?  So many choices.


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