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My 2016 in Knitting

Every year I try to do a year-end accounting of what I have knit or how many projects I have knit.  This year is no different. Note: I’m not counting the washclothes.  Those things are like tribbles and I just keep making more.  My current obsession is the Almost Lost Washcloth Mini.  I think I have cranked out at least 20-30 of these things throughout the year.  They make lovely little gifts and are helping me to work through that pile of cotton I bought a while back. Ahem. In any case, here is what I finished this year, in no certain order!

  • Scarf-6
  • Hat-7
  • Socks-10
  • Shawl- 6
  • Cowl- 4
  • Cardigan- 1
  • Shrug-1
  • Blanket- 1
  • Mitts-1

37 finished projects and 33 new patterns.  Not too shabby for a year. Huh? Wow.  33 new patterns.  That brings me to a total of 78 published patterns.  I’m not sure how prolific I will be next year, but I think 22 would be ok. 🙂  That would bring me to 100 published patterns.  Oh, and did you catch the new book?  I’ll be releasing it in Feb.  How exciting is that?


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A WIP to an FO

I had a special request from Tina to knit a northwest tree hat.  So, I dutifully dug through my stash of Donegal tweed leftovers and cranked out this cute Lodgepole pine hat.  Look for it in the Kelli Slack designs line-up early next spring.

I’m really feeling the love for the hats right now.  This is the third one I’ve made in as many weeks.  I think I might have to make a few more.  Then again, the mitts and socks are calling to me. . .


Rabbit Shows

My friend, Linda, came down from WI and we went to a show in Sedalia, MO.  It was great fun.  I took some banana nut muffins.  We spent time with one of our favorite rabbit breeders, Rick.  We both won an award.  Plus, I was able to do some knitting on a new design.  It was a wonderful night and day with friends and I was so pleased to show off some of my upcoming juniors to Linda too. With any luck I’ll be able to go to the last show of the year on New Year’s Eve.  I do so enjoy my rabbit shows.

I’m Teaching


The best part is that you can take my class no matter where you are. 🙂

Just follow the link and you’ll go to my Skill Share class.  This introductory class is free for now.  So, if you’ve been thinking about knitting, but need a little help getting started, this class is for you!

Seriously, it’s free.  If you go enroll, it helps me to trend and get my class on the front page.  So, even if you don’t need to learn how to knit, I would really appreciate you signing up for Skill Share and enrolling in my class. Please.  And Thank you.

I show you how I purl, which is an odd form of Portuguese purling.  So, it’s worth watching just to watch me purl if nothing else. 🙂