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A Trip to Branson

We took a flying trip to Branson for an overnight adventure.  We really didn’t do much beyond eat and walk around, but it was still fun.  Abbie even went along with us as we didn’t have time to find a boarder.  She was especially excited to take a trip in the car.  Smelling all of the new things was also fun for her.  She managed to not howl the night away in the hotel room too.  I certainly appreciated that.  It’s taken her five years to turn into a really decent dog, and I’m so glad she finally has.  There were days when I was ready to give her back to the breeder.

In any event, we found some really neat antique malls on the way to Branson.  The scenery was beautiful in the late summer.  I wish we had booked early enough to take in a show, but it was still fun to just explore some of the shopping and restaurants.


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