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Another Indiana State Fair

Just some highlights of the Indiana State Fair.  I was so pleased to be able to go back to the State Fair again.  I saw all of my favorite things including the giant pumpkin, the belgian hitches, the dairy goats, the home and family arts, and the gazebo.  I also enjoyed some Sutter’s Salt Water Taffy.  There is just no other taffy quite as perfect as Sutter’s.  It is soft and slightly chewy and not too strong on the flavor.  It stays perfect for months, so I can enjoy it for many days after the fair.  I even lucked out and was able to watch part of the sheep to shawl contest.  So many kids teams! That was wonderful.  The sad part was that there was only one adult team.  I remember a time when there were five or six adult teams and only one or two youth teams.


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