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A Bit of the Garden and Some Canning

I’ve been busy with the few plants that did grow in the garden.  I had hoped for a much more productive garden with many wonderful plants.  However the green beans didn’t grow, nor the guar beans, the turnips didn’t turn up, and the carrots were sparse to see.  The corn died early.  I had some potatoes, and some zucchini (until the squash bugs killed them), a few eggplant.  The cucumbers struggled with some kind of virus and the tomatoes were hit by bacterial wilt and tomato hornworms.  It has really been a very sad year for my garden.  So, I bit the bullet and bought tomatoes to make puree.  I bought cucumbers to make pickles.

I have rejoiced in the okra and the few melons that have struggled through.  I have even had two small batches of cucumbers for making pickles from the garden.  I still have a ways to go in my canning, but the few tomato plants that survived might produce enough fruit yet for some salsa or sauce later this fall.  I keep saying that next year the garden will be better, but it does make me sad that it was so very unproductive this year.


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