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Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More


Yes, it’s time to announce a new MKAL.  All of the details will be posted on my website, but here is an overview:oregon-wildflowers-mkal-ad

Oregon Wildflowers Cowl MKAL

Join in the color work fun! Explore four different types of color work: patterned, striped, checked, and lace. The MKAL fun starts on September 1, 2016 and runs through October 31, 2016. Every week in September one clue will be released. Don’t worry! There are 22 or fewer rows to work every week.

Clue 1: September 1
Clue 2: September 8
Clue 3: September 15
Clue 4: September 22

Finish by November 1, 2016 to be entered for a prize kit of 1 skein of Teresa Ruch yarn and a pattern from Kelli.  To be entered: a photo must be posted on the Kelli Slack Designs Ravelry forum or in a user’s notebook and linked to the pattern, the Kelli Slack Designs Facebook page, or emailed to Kelli


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