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The Oregon Wildflowers MKAL starts tomorrow.  Have you chosen your yarn?  Are you chomping at the bit waiting for the pattern?  I can’t wait to see everyone’s version as they work on their cowls.  It should be great fun!

Join through BlackSheep here.

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Check out my KAL page here. 


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The Chairs


How amazing are these sewing chairs?  And we got them for a steal.  I love that they both still have some notions in them.  The little drawer one is neat because you can use it while you are sitting on it.  The one that flips up holds quite a bit more.  I think I will have the seat replaced on the wooden one.  I thought about replacing the fabric on the other one, but it’s in such good condition, I hate to replace it.  Plus it’s kind of cute in a kitschy way.

Lavinia and Brickie


Welcome the Lavinia Socks to the Kelli Slack Designs fold.  These socks are fun with the cable carried down the top of the foot.  They are easily sized by adding or subtracting stitches in the stockinette panels.


This completely fun and easy scarf is called Brickie.  You know what is even better?  I made it a free pattern! Grab a ball of worsted weight and get cracking on a new scarf.  🙂


A Little Knitting For the Blog

Yep. Still knitting.  And this time it’s a bit of work in progress.  I wanted something easy to work and fun.  I really like how this one turned out and think it will be a popular pattern once I have it test knit.  It’s just perfect for those highly variegated sock yarns that need an easy and yet interesting pattern to keep you on your toes.  Watching the colors come together is half the fun with this bit of fluff.

A Trunk Show Here, A Trunk Show There

Hey!  Guess what?  I do trunk shows!

It’s so much fun to go visit a new shop and meet the knitters.  I bring yarn, patterns, books, and notions.  I even bring kits. Do you want the Knitter Bunny to come visit your shop?  If it’s possible, I will come.  Just comment here or send me an email and we can talk.

This trunk show was at Mosaic Yarns up near Chicago.  I had a fantastic time visiting with all of the knitters who were regular or new to the shop.  Many of them went home with some Teresa Ruch Designs tencel which we all know is one of my favorite yarns.


They also went away with several of my books and patterns.  I love it when a knitter finds a pattern of mine that they too love.  It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a little something in this life.

The Other Shipshewanna

So, except for that rocking chair (which I am still coveting), all of the photos were taken at Essenhaus.  I want to stage a knitting retreat there.  Or a lace retreat.  Or a tatting retreat.  I just want to stay there again.  Such an impressive place to stay.

Would you go to a knitting retreat there?

Now.  Back to the chair.  I want this chair.  I would have bought this chair and brought it home with me but we were out of space in the car.  Mostly because Grace and her service dog were taking up the middle of the van.  That’s right Grace, I chose you over the chair.  Man.  I still want that chair.

Indiana State Museum

So.  This was my first visit to the Indiana State Museum and I must admit I’m a bit ashamed that I had not been before now.  What a great museum.  Seriously.  Awesome museum.

I loved the exhibit for the 200th anniversary of Indiana as a state.  It was 200 things from Indiana and we all loved how the items were spread around and not necessarily in chronological order. I also fell in love with this quilt.  You might notice that I included three photos of it.  Yes.  I loved it.  I loved the overall impression, that mid-stare impression as you moved forward, and the amazing quilting when you moved in close.  Also, the sign about women wanting equality in Indiana!  Grace helped me with that one. Then this chatelaine.  It just spoke to me.  I really need to make one.  Or buy one.  Or both.

Ok.  Now.  Go to the Indiana State Museum.  You’ll thank me later.