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Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple is a place that is hard to describe.  It is one of those “towns” within a city.  Artsy, funky, foodie, and right next to a great walking trail.  I had the opportunity to stop here on my way back from DC and again a few weeks later.  I was impressed with the variety and quality of the small businesses here.


Had a perfectly tasty grilled cheese here.  Brie, bacon, apple slices, cheddar, and strawberry jam.  I’m not sure what else.  I ate it quickly and appreciatively.



You just never know what you are going to find.


HAHAHAHAHAHA.  I absolutely enjoyed this.


I would love to eat here.  It just screams “I HAVE YUMMY FOOD.”  At least, it does to me.


This place.  Oh, now, this place.  I was very sad that they were closed when I first came through.  Happily they were open on the second trip.  Pastries.  Baked goods.  Croissants.  Maccaroons.  Oh.  The yummy.  I will most certainly be heading back to this shop.  The Eclair I had was just too right.