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Time Is Flying Now

Abbie and Stash are in Missouri.  The movers come tomorrow.  I’m almost done packing the rabbit things.  I’ve kept out some sock yarn because, right now, all I want to knit are socks.  I am still packing for me too.

I taught my last class last night on fiber prep.  I will miss teaching classes, so I might have to advertise classes in Missouri.

I did mention that I just want to knit socks, right?  I’m still joining in for the Socks Appeal Boxers KAL at BlackSheep.  It’s made with sock yarn, so it still counts. lol  I’m hoping my sock desire will slow down after the move.  I have a LOT of shawls to design.  I’m halfway through the Scooby-Doo club.  There are 3 designs left to make and I’m just waiting on some yarn to move forward with them.

Hopefully I will have  more time after the movers come to show you upcoming designs!


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