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Wow. Somebody Get the Number of That Bus

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Because this head cold has knocked me down.  It has knocked me down hard.  I’ve been pretty much laying in bad and blowing my nose. I have knit a lot.  There will be a new scarf pattern at some point.  I’m also working on some new socks.  I’m about 75% done as of the writing of this post.  I still have a ways to go, but yay! New socks.

I’m still recovering.  Very phlegm filled and trying to drain my sinuses.  Sorry I haven’t been more active on the blog lately.  With yarn crawl, the head cold, construction on the house, trying to ready to move the rabbits, and readying to move me . . . well. . .  I’m not staying on top of my blogging obligations like I should.

I have to dig Abbie’s ball out from under the bed.  So, no promises, but I’ll try to blog more often.


One thought on “Wow. Somebody Get the Number of That Bus

  1. Oh, no — I was checking in on you, hoping you’d improved. I wish I were there to help you — do take the very best care. And thank you for the Oregon KAL. I finished Clue 1 and am enjoying it thoroughly.