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A Little More Info about the MKAL



It looks like I have 12 participants as of this morning.  So there will be a prize package!  Finish your shawl by May 9 and I’ll include you in the drawing.  If we make it to 30 participants, I’ll throw in a 2nd prize.  It’s all fun and games right?

I hope you are having fun choosing your yarn; whether it is some vintage stash yarn or something new and fun.  I will be at BlackSheep at Orenco for my book signing on Thursday, March 3 if you have any questions about the MKAL or just want your Hoppy Feet book signed.

Looking for yarn for the KAL?  Check out all of our great offerings here.


3 thoughts on “A Little More Info about the MKAL

  1. How much yarn do I need? What weight? (Am I missing that information somewhere?)

  2. Oooops — just found it. Sorry!