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Official: All Things Oregon MKAL

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Ok. It’s official. There will be a mystery knit-a-long. The pre-clue is available now and the All Things Oregon Shawl 2016 MKAL will be making its debut soon. There is a special “before the MKAL starts” price too!

If I have enough participation (at least 10 people), I will put together a prize package. I’ll even customize it to the knitter. So a shawl lover will receive a shawl prize package, a sock lover will receive a sock prize package. Sounds fun, yes?

So, the schedule looks like this:

  • Pre-Clue Released 2/22
  • First Clue Released 3/7
  • Second Clue Released 3/21
  • Third Clue Released 4/11
  • Forth Clue Released 4/25

Finish the MKAL by May 9 and post a photo to be entered for the prize drawing. You can post the photo on Ravelry or email me. Or link it on facebook or instagram or twitter or pinterest or wherever, I just need to know you’ve finished.


ETA:  Looks like I have 5 participants so far!

One thought on “Official: All Things Oregon MKAL

  1. I just purchased the pattern to participate in the knit-along, but am having trouble locating the yarn. Can you recommend a source?