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Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More

Radio Silence

Sorry for the silence.  I’ve been working frantically to make sure the book is finished and on to the printers.  I hit that small snag with quality from the first printer so I’ve tried a new one.  The quality seems much better and the price is still reasonable.

Plus I’ve been baking up a storm in preparation for the rabbit show this weekend.   Here is a sampling via photo:


Toasted coconut pound cake cupcakes and chocolate coconut cream truffles


Vanilla bean cut out cookies with lime icing


Peanut butter fudge, prior to being cut


Coconut macaroons. These were my first time making macaroons.


Butterscotch chip zucchini muffins


Molasses cookies

I think that was a good amount of baking, don’t you?  I’m off to bed now. Early mornings over the next few days.


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