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Did I Share the Devil’s Churn Mitts?

I’ve been working with Tina to develop a new accessories club for BlackSheep.  We talked through everything and finally settled on a hat knit by Tina and mitts knit by me for our first quarter.  Then we decided to make it even more fun with patterns inspired by Oregon.


I’m happy to present the Devil’s Churn Hat and Mitts!  Two patterns from 2 different designers, using the same cables and yarn.  I had so much fun finding just the right name for this set.  The Devil’s Churn is a wave carved inlet along the Oregon coast where the water crashes.  Our designs evoke that crashing with the braided cable which holds the “water” in and the churning center cable that send it crashing along the walls of the inlet.

These patterns each use 1 skein of Studio Donegal Soft Donegal.  Pick up your kit here or find out more about the hat pattern here and the mitt pattern here.


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