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So. (tap, tap)  Calling all readers.

I’m thinking of making a little mystery knit-a-long.  It would start in late March or early April.  I would release 4 clues for a 2-color shawl over an 8 week period.  Would anyone be interested?

I’ve posted the query on my Ravelry group too, and if I don’t here at least 2 affirmations between the blog and the forum, I’m not sure I will go to the work of making it a MKAL.

I would really like to do one though . . .

So.  If you think I should do a MKAL, leave a comment here or in the forum or like this blog post.


One thought on “MKAL?

  1. I’ve never participated in an MKaL- but I think it sounds fun.

    Might as well try something new at 900! Lol