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Where did the Time Go?

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I swear, just yesterday it was November. When I looked at the calendar though I realized that November had ended days ago! How crazy is that? My day is so full right now. Well, every day is so full right now. I’m desperately designing and I need to find some test knitters. Anyone want to test knit? Seriously need a mitt tester (must know cables) and a lace knitter (must be at least an intermediate lace knitter). I’m waiting to hear back on some hat test knits at the moment. I’m also going through my stash. I know I’ll not knit my way through some of it in the near future, so I’m going to sell it on. In the meantime, I’m grabbing yarn to keep designing. I can’t stop that now, can I?

Plus, I’m trying to finish my sock book. Hey! I’m writing a sock pattern book! I don’t know how popular it will be, but I’m taking a stab at it anyway. 🙂 Plus there are really cute babies in the barn right now. I wish I had time to get everything done that I want to get done. Right now it’s just a balancing act!

I’ll keep trying to check in on the blog and post when I can.


One thought on “Where did the Time Go?

  1. Kelli, I might be able to test for you. You can reach me at imkim on Ravelry or email.