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What I Cooked/Baked for Thanksgiving


If you remember all of those green tomatoes that I showed a few weeks ago, you might not be surprised at all of the ripe tomatoes in the above photo. Just in time for Thanksgiving, I had a lot of ripe ones. I looked up a few recipes and finally settled on the Scalloped Tomatoes recipe in one of Ina Garten’s books. The flavors were really intense. I can only eat a little bit of the dish at a time! It was really nice to be able to use and enjoy my tomatoes (and some of the basil I saved from earlier in the year).


Thanksgiving lunch was quite tasty. We enjoyed the scalloped tomatoes mentioned above, Honeybaked Ham, baked mashed potatoes, green beans gremolata (where I subbed almonds for the pine nuts because I had them), and Red Lobster biscuits.


Dessert was this tasty carmel apple cake, courtesy of Grandma Slack’s recipe. I didn’t have a bundt cake pan or an angel food cake pan, so I made 6 tiny apple cakes instead. I only kept 2 of the tiny cakes for us. I really enjoy cutting tiny slices of tiny cake. lol


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