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Apple Jam


I took the last of the apples and made some very lovely apple jam. This pot yielded about 24 jars of smooth, tasty apple jam. How do I make apple jam, you ask?

Peel, core, slice your apples. Cook with about 1-2 cups of water (just enough to keep it from burning) and 2-3 small cinnamon sticks. Cook until the apples are smooth. Remove the cinnamon sticks. Run the apples through a food mill. Return to the pot. Add the calcium water and Pomona’s pectin mixed with sugar as directed on the Pomona’s chart. (I used the low sugar method of 3/4 cup per 4 cups of fruit). Can with the usual safe canning methods!

There. Now you too can make your own apple jam. Mmmmm. Apple jam.


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