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Making Yummies


So, with my rabbit convention around the corner, it was time to make a few treats to share with my friends. I made 2 batches of my grandma’s cookie recipe: one with chocolate chips and one with butterscotch mini chips. I love how both of them came out and they are extra special tasty (since they are my grandma’s recipe). I always use a small cookie scoop because I can make many more cookies from one batch. That means I can share the love with more people!


I also made a batch of cupcakes for the knitting shop for our Trick or Tasting last weekend. We didn’t have as many people through as I had hoped, so I had a lot of cupcakes left. I chose a chocolate cake base and topped it with red raspberry jam cream cheese icing. Yes, some of that jam I made back in July found its way into a batch of yummy cream cheese icing to top my cupcakes. The only problem was: I ran out of powdered sugar which resulted in icing that was a little less firm than I hoped to have topping the cupcakes.

Still, they tasted delicious. 🙂


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