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Another Day in the Kitchen


I roasted 2 gallons of tomatoes and threw in some onions, garlic, basil, oregano, thyme, salt, and pepper. It made the most delicious roasted tomato sauce.


I pulled the gooseberries out of the freezer and made them into jam as well. A gallon of gooseberries resulted in 10 half pints of jam. Not too shabby, I think.


Some of the last grapes went into this batch of grape juice. The tally stands at somewhere around 70 qts for me. I think Shannon has 60. That doesn’t count the grapes that were lost due to age. I just couldn’t make it to everything this year. They ripened too early and I had plans. Still. Not a bad tally.


I turned another gallon of tomatoes into 2 quarts of dehydrated slices. These are pretty darn yummy!


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