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My Favorite Chocolates

DeBrand‘s Chocolates in Fort Wayne, IN. I love their chocolates. I always make it a priority to visit DeBrand’s when I go home for a visit. I have yet to taste a chocolate that I didn’t like at DeBrand’s. Now that doesn’t mean I like all of their flavors, but I do love all of their chocolate. 🙂


The connoisseur collection is my favorite.  I love the little artisan square chocolates.  The jasmine is one of my favorite flavors, but really it is hard to go wrong with this collection.  I also like their truffles, but I rarely indulge in those as they are a lot of chocolate and difficult to finish in one sitting!


The classic collection contains my favorite single chocolate.  The dark chocolate raspberry is my absolute and utter favorite.  The liqueur and filling are perfect for me.


I’m a big fan of the new tasting bars as well.  The flavors are delicious and who can resist hot chocolate on a stick?  You just melt the chocolate into hot milk.

I love going to DeBrand’s every time I come home.  I always take home chocolate for a souvenir too.