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Today Has Been a Kitchen Kind of Day

After being gone for more than a week, it seemed that my garden and orchard had rather taken over the house. So, I girded my loins and set out to clean and tidy the kitchen. Then I proceeded to mess it all up again with a pot of tomatoes, the steam juicer for the grapes, a crockpot full of apple butter, and a dehydrator full of zucchini chips. lol



I added some red hots (cinnamon imperial) candies to the apple butter about half way through the cook time.  The flavor was just barely there.  Next time I think I will double the amount I put in.


As I like the red grape juice better, I decided to just mix the red and white grapes this go around in hopes that the red grape flavor would be more pervasive.  It was a success.


I sliced the zucchini chips thinly and seasoned them 5 different ways.  Our favorites were the Lawry’s seasoned salt and taco.  I also quite liked the ranch flavored.


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