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I Am So Amused


By the ducks. I’ve had ducks before. I had some Pekin ducks in high school. Plus a runner duck crossbred my last year of 4-H. Then a Kahki Campbell in college. His name was Boomer. I loved Boomer.


What amused me this time? Tina donated a paddling pool to the ducks. Really, she just wanted it gone, but I don’t think the ducks will know.


It took them a bit to find a way in to the pool. So, I put a cinder block in for a step. The ducks were very excited at all of the water.

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It did not take long at all for the ducks to start splashing and going crazy.


2 thoughts on “I Am So Amused

  1. “Boomer” is a great name for a duck.