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Canning Day

It wasn’t entirely a jam day, so I had to name it something else!


Some cucumbers from the garden.


Which I combined with a purchased box of pickling cucumbers and Shannon sliced.


Which we then made some lovely brine for and packed into jars. Lots of jars.


But somehow we ran out of dill brine and had too much bread and butter brine. So, we made an experimental batch of bread and butter zucchini chips. That should prove interesting, yes?


I made some plum butter and sour cherry jam as well. It was a busy kind of day. Plus, I sliced 6 trays worth of plums and dried them in the dehydrator. No photo of those, because I was busy making tomato puree too.


I bought a box of tomatoes to supplement my crop. I just wasn’t sure I would have enough for all of the puree that I know we will use.


Here was the final night’s haul for our efforts. Not bad, eh? I believe it was 13 pints and 3 quarts of dill, 11 pints and 7 quarts of bread and butter, and 2 quarts and 1 pint of bread and butter zucchini chips. Plus 9 jars of plum butter, 14 jars of sour cherry jam, and about 2/3 gallon of dried plums.


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