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Frank Lloyd Wright

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Is one of my favorite architects. I love his open houses. The flow and sweep of them. The sheer beauty and functionality. So, on my way back from Sisters, I took the long route home. While out and about I stumbled across a Frank Lloyd Wright house. So, I took the very short detour and a few photos.



While the outside is always a little bit jarring and too modern for me, I do really find the designs interesting. I remember being awed by a house in Chicago and I’ve looked at photos online several times. I think I will seek out more FLW houses as I travel.


One thought on “Frank Lloyd Wright

  1. The Gordon House was moved from its original location, circa 2001. It was designed in 1957, but not built until 1964. It’s the last of his Utonian designs and his only house in Oregon. You’ll definitely need to travel to see more of his houses 🙂

    Jayne 🙂