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Another Visit to Sisters

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I have long admired this horse when I traveled through sisters and I finally stopped to take a photo of the lovely beast. Rendered beautifully, this sculpture just makes me smile.


I really appreciate the architecture of the main street area of Sisters. The town is pretty and well laid out with many interesting shops to peruse.


Plus, flowers!


This place makes me chuckle because I always think of Kalamazoo, MI and I’ve been there.


Ok. More flowers. I just can’t resist. Look at that pretty dahlia.


I had to pop in to the Stitchin’ Post while I was there too.


Some lovely yarn on the wall.


Some lovely fabric to pet as well.

I really did quite enjoy my visit to Sisters and look forward to stopping there again when I go judge in September.


One thought on “Another Visit to Sisters

  1. Lovely horse! All the fabric and yarn make my fingers itch to touch… 😉