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How Does the Garden Grow Post 2

I promised another quick look at the garden. Here we go again.


Cucumbers. Growing and vining. I’m waiting for the first flowers to appear. I’m sure cucumbers will be in my future soon. Whoo!


The green beans are happy and bushy in their rows. I’m picking some lovely green, yellow, and purple beans. In fact, I think I’m bringing in about 3/4 of a gallon every day or every other day. Love my beans.


Green tomatoes on the vine. See? Just a few right now. I’m hoping for a bumper crop of lovely tomatoes too. We used that tomato puree I made last year all winter. I think there are just a few jars left.


The eggplants are just getting started with their crops. We have one abused eggplant on the plant here. I call it abused because it has been gnawed on in several places, but continues to fight on.


The zucchini has become a jungle. Yes. A veritable zucchini jungle. I’m plucking them young and tender. I just hope Avi remembers to pick them when I’m gone judging at the end of the month! Can you imagine how many and how big the zucchini would be if he forgot for 3 days? Yikes!


Lots of onions are growing big and strong too. I think we’ll be able to harvest a few at the end of the month.