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Beautiful Blooms Again

I feel like I keep using the same title, but it is so hard to come up with new titles when I’m showing you more flowers. Maybe I should surprise you all and start using completely unrelated titles for the flower photos.


Check out all of the huge poppies on this plant. I love the color too. I remember my grandmother having the same color poppies at her house.


The torch lilies are almost finished blooming. I am sure the hummingbirds have taken full advantage of the flowers while they are in bloom.


The chives are even blooming. Yes, there are some peonies in the background as well.


Ok. The strawberry isn’t really a flower, but check out the cute little berry. I just couldn’t resist taking a photo before it turned fully red. I’m not sure how many of these we will have this year. The strawberry bed is a bit sparse.