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There Has Been Baking

Sorry for the week long disappearance. I’m working my tail off to pack for TNNA this weekend and I’m afraid I just let time run away from me. Avi is also in India for a month so it’s just me taking care of the house and critters. I have to plan more when my critter-sitter is away.

I made some lovely gingerbread cookies about a week ago. I wasn’t in the mood to use cookie cutters so I just rolled them into a log, sliced, and baked. A little maple syrup drizzle on top finished them nicely.


I also made a quick batch of peanut butter fudge. It was quite a hit at the show. When I take these treats to share I always cut or scoop them into small bites. It’s much easier to share them that way and people can try a treat instead of being stuck with a giant cookie or fudge piece.



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