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Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More

I’m Coming Back

Soon.  Very soon.  It’s been a bit hectic as I transition back into real life.  That trip to Indiana was great, but it also set me back on my house work and barn work and real work.  I did manage to finish a few more knitting patterns though.  So look for those in the nest few weeks.  I’ve started work on a new cowl and hat combination as well.  Another request from one of my friends.

Did I mention all of the babies in the barn?  Boy, do I have baby bunnies right now.  I even have a few mini satins.  This is shocking for me as it has been so difficult to get those does bred.  So, expect a few baby bunny photos again soon.

Anyway, hang tight.  I’ll be back with photos and witty commentary or, well, at least some commentary, I can’t really guarantee the wit, very soon.


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