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A Few More Blooms Found


The peonies have opened in glorious appreciation of the sunshine we’ve had the last few days.



The poppies are also blooming. I’m most excited to see these come back as Avi was trying to kill them last year with the weed eater. I had NO BLOOMS. If in doubt, ask your wife before weed whacking one of her favorite summer flowers. Honestly. The plants luckily came through the whacking with their lives and this year are blooming beautifully. I think one plant has 9 or 10 buds on it. Poppies!!


I Borrowed a Fluffy


Ok. Maybe 2 fluffies. I was cold. They make great living scarves and warmed me right up.


Plus. Who can resist holding a fluffy?

PS, yes. Those are rabbits in my aprons. They are both English Angoras. Super fluff.

Garden Grows!

Several of the seeds have sprouted. Like the kale.


The green beans.


And the peas.


The potatoes are starting to sprout from their hills and trenches as well. It is so gratifying to watch the little plants start to come up.


I’ve put in the tomatoes, hot peppers, and eggplant as well. The garden is nearly planted for the season, just some zucchini, cucumbers, and okra to go. I may put out some herbs too, but first I need to see how much room I have left!

May Flowers

I was so pleased to find that my comfrey had bloomed this week. This is a plant that I brought with me from Indiana and I have kept a piece of this plant alive since my grandmother gave it to me in high school. I love the blue bell-shaped flowers.



My friend has some really lovely, and very tall, irises blooming so I snapped a fast photo of those to share with you as well. I can’t remember what she called these, but I do know that they are as tall as I am! I’ve always enjoyed irises, but I don’t often remember to plant them.


There Has Been Baking

Sorry for the week long disappearance. I’m working my tail off to pack for TNNA this weekend and I’m afraid I just let time run away from me. Avi is also in India for a month so it’s just me taking care of the house and critters. I have to plan more when my critter-sitter is away.

I made some lovely gingerbread cookies about a week ago. I wasn’t in the mood to use cookie cutters so I just rolled them into a log, sliced, and baked. A little maple syrup drizzle on top finished them nicely.


I also made a quick batch of peanut butter fudge. It was quite a hit at the show. When I take these treats to share I always cut or scoop them into small bites. It’s much easier to share them that way and people can try a treat instead of being stuck with a giant cookie or fudge piece.


A Quick Trip

I went to visit a friend in Washington last week. She owns the Purly Shell over in the Port of Ilwaco and to get there we take the bridge from Astoria. Imagine our surprise at finding a huge cruise ship in port at Astoria!


I can’t even properly describe how large this thing was. Do any of you know of cruise ships in Astoria? I don’t know much about Oregon really so it’s all a surprise.

This little church was also a bit of a surprise. We have driven by it a few times and I asked Shannon to stop this time so I could snap a few photos. It has a great presence and the setting is lovely.



I really like the stained glass on the one end. It’s the most striking feature of this church for me. I think I remember reading that it was built in 1904 or maybe 1914? I’m not sure now. In any case, the church is about a hundred years old.


It is also surrounded by these blooming sweet peas. I think they are sweet peas. Does anyone know if I’m right? I know it is some kind of blooming pea. 🙂