Knitter Bunny's™ Dutch Rabbits and Yarns

Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More


Because I’m working to finish a lot of knits and I have a photo shoot today. I’m replacing the photos on several of my patterns and designing some new knits too! I will try to take some WIP photos to share on here too. I usually just don’t think about taking those WIP pictures.

I haven’t been cooking or baking for a month. I miss it, but I can’t do everything. So, right now the cooking and baking are on hold. I had every intention of making jam and writing a new cookbook this month, but it seems that will be put off again.

Luckily the rabbits are easy to care for and I’ve had lots of practice at balancing the rabbits while I do other things. I’m really looking forward to my big show in Portland in November. So, I’m hoping for lots of lovely juniors to show. This means lots of babies. So, I will do my best to share photos of some wigglers.


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