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Greenhouses are Dangerous Places


Mostly because I am tempted to spend too much money. lol I love looking at all of the plants and seeds. It’s just too much fun to dream about all of the plants that could be in my garden. When it comes right down to it, I think I am more of a dreamer than a gardener.


I like to put in a vegetable garden, and I like to harvest, but I sure don’t want to keep it year-round like some gardeners. I just like to garden from April to October. Then take a nice break over the winter. The winter is really all about knitting for me.


Anyway, I did take a little detour to Al’s with my friend Shannon last week. We were looking for some fruit trees for her. I might have been a little too excited about all of the plants. And the seeds.



Shannon picked out 5 new fruit trees to add to her orchard. I just kept petting the branches. lol