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A Visit to the Purly Shell

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It so happens that I have some rabbits. Oh, yes, you knew that. It also happens that I have friends with rabbits. (Yes, yes, I do!) Some of these friends with rabbits might also have a bit of a fiber addiction. By this, I mean they knit, spin, dye, crochet, tat, weave, and do generally crafty things.


It also happens that one of these friends has a bit of a yarn store. It’s still new and she is still growing, but I thought I would ride over with another friend to check out her space.  Heather’s store is right near the water near the Port of Ilwaco in Washington.


She stocks many of the yarns and roving dyed by our mutual friend, Shannon, better known to knitters and spinners as Broken Pattern.  What Heather’s shop really excels at is the handspun.  She loves to spin and I love how she chose to display the handspun.  Isn’t this a cute idea?




So, if you happen to be in the area, stop by the Purly Shell, and tell Heather that Knitter Bunny sent you. 🙂



PS.  She also happens to have a few of my patterns in stock, in print.  So you can pick up a Knitter Bunny pattern there too!


One thought on “A Visit to the Purly Shell

  1. What a lovely store — the displays are inspired.