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Marelda Revisited


Grace kindly agreed to model my Marelda. I decided to try it in a sportweight version just for kicks. Not only does it work in sportweight, but it looks lovely as well. I quite enjoyed the balance and drape of the cables, lace, and fabric in this piece. Plus, it took so little yarn, you could even knit this from leftovers of another project (say socks, or a shawl, or mitts, mittens, and gloves!).

What a fun prospect. A second project from sock leftovers. I might just have to make another for that reason.

Yarn: Swans Island Organic Washable Sportweight, color Edgecomb Grey
Needle: US 4 Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Circulars
Pattern: Marelda Neckwarmer by Me!
Modifications: I knit more repeats, but that’s it!

Before blocking this measured 21 x 5 inches. After blocking this measured 23 x 7 inches.


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