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All the Yarn and Fiber

I popped along with Shannon to while she picked up here order at Ashland Bay. We had a delightful quick tour of the warehouse and petted several lovely yarns and fibers while we were there.

First all of the yarns and roving come in to the warehouse. They are often compressed for shipping and wrapped in some very BLUE plastic.


Then they open the bags and sort the roving and yarn, re-bagging as they go to keep things tidy.



Then the roving is pulled off into bumps for resale. I love the bits of fluff on the front of the boxes. It makes it easy to find the fluff for packing.



I liked the undyed roving/yarn aisle as well as the rest of the warehouse.


Shannon might have ordered some yarn and fiber to play with, and you can find some of her lovely dyed things here.