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Where Did the Sunshine Go?

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For some time, I have lamented the lack of sunshine here in western Oregon. I lamented again the last few days as we seemed to be blanketed in a never-ending fog. Today it is finally clear, but still so very gray. I don’t know how Oregonians deal with all of this gray and rain and fog. It’s driving me pretty batty.


See what I mean? It’s so foggy. You also cannot tell that the trees have been trimmed. Well, partially trimmed. I still have some work to do to ready them for this spring. You can hardly see the highway that lies beyond our oak trees.

I did find one spot of brightness in this gray and dreary landscape: one pink camellia has bloomed. I snagged that flower for my kitchen table. It’s the one bright spot in my days right now.



One thought on “Where Did the Sunshine Go?

  1. That pink color is enough to breathe life back into one’s soul! Cherish it! A harbinger of spring!!! 🙂