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Sock Hunter Episode 96: Winter Time

A true winter for this sock hunter means cold frozen nights, bright sunny days, and the reflection of light off brilliant white snow. Evergreen trees fill with silence as the snow falls and the grass crunches beneath your feet after a winter’s frost.

At my current location, winter looks more like endless days of gray, rain, drippy, muddy mess. There is no cleansing silence from a deep blanket of snow. No crispness as the air dries and crunch of frost underfoot. I did my best to find some socks in this alien environment.

With careful stalking and observation, I came upon a pair of *Hoarfrost socks, wintering in a warmer clime. With a quick snap of my camera, I captured the perfect photo of this pair. The shapely heel, the stately cuff, the intricacy of the lace and cables. I so enjoyed the socks that I was able to forget my desire for a true winter for a time.


Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Madelinetosh Tosh Sock, Courbet is Green, US 1 Hiya Hiya steel DPNs, Hoarfrost Sock Pattern