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Deals, Deals, Deals


I’m having all kinds of fun adding special deals to my Ravelry patterns.  Go check out the bundles to see the special offers in detail.  Plus I’m still running the 15% off any pattern or E-book promotion.  Seriously, I’m just adding promotions and dropping prices all over the place.

SO, just to list them out here too:

Offer 1: 15OFF, will result in 15% off any pattern or ebook.
Offer 2: TWISTEDLOVE, Buy the Twisted Love Cowl and Mitts, receive the Twisted Love Socks free
Offer 3: COWLCRAZY, Buy 2 of my cowl or neckwarmer patterns, receive the Yuh-Chi Scarf free
Offer 4: LACE, Buy the Meryl and Liblikakiri Shawls, receive the Piret Shawl free