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That’s a Lot of Cookies

As I was sick for most of December my usual cut-out cookie baking did not commence as planned.  So, I hauled out the cookie cutters and made a few dozen hundred tiny little cut-out cookies last week.


I used my favorite (snagged from Tasty Kitchen) no-chill cut-out sugar cookie recipe. Then I dipped those tasty little cookies in an icing of fresh squeezed Cara Cara orange juice and powdered sugar. Mmmmmmm. That juice was good. So was the icing.

The thing I really love about the small cookies happens to be that they are nice and bite size. So I can eat them whole or nibble on them like I’m a bunny with a piece of hay. Now at some point I will need to find the time to make the gingerbread cookies I have wanted to make for 2 years! I dip those in a maple sugar icing.  Mmmmm hmmmmm.


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