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Finished Liblikakiri Shawl


I knit this lovely shawl from one of my previous patterns, the Liblikakiri Shawl. The Teresa Ruch yarn was delightful and had enough yardage to allow me to knit a “longer” version of this shawl. So I will be updating the pattern soon to reflect the increased yardage and adding some different photos. I think this one will show much better than the little red one I initially knit. And remember, 15% off all patterns with code, 15OFF through Jan. 31. If you purchase this pattern now, the update will be pushed to you automatically.

Yarn: Teresa Ruch Tencel, 5/20, 100% Tencel, 520 yards
Needles: US 4 Circular Hiya Hiya Needles
Pattern: Liblikakiri Shawl
Modifications: Knit 2 extra repeats of the second chart.