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2014 Knitter’s Yearly Review

Well, my 2014 knitting year has been much more eventful than 2013.

My tally stands at:

  • Cowl 4
  • Mittens 4
  • Mitts 4
  • Scarf 7
  • Shawl 2
  • Socks 11
  • Sweater 1
  • Sweater, Rabbit- 1
  • Toy-Bunnies 2

So that is 36 knits for the year. Not bad at all.

I wrote new patterns.  A lot of new patterns for me.  I wrote 13 new patterns.  Some of them were free.  Some of them won’t be released until next year.  I partnered with Tina at Black Sheep at Orenco and committed to a year of monthly sock patterns.  At this point I have five of the patterns completely written and have started on the sixth. Nothing like flying a little dangerously, right? 🙂

I have more designs in the pipeline. Plus I’m planning a few knits that I just can’t resist. I’m hoping to be even more creative in the coming year and release even more lovely patterns. Something about the winter really makes me feel like pattern writing.