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Making Yummies

I spent a little time cooking and baking finally. This flu/head cold thing has really kicked me. I’ve been knitting madly, but the idea of standing and cooking or baking? Ah. No. That was not appealing.

So, I finally felt well enough to start cooking. I made a pizza on Christmas Eve, which was good except for the sauce. Never again will I buy that one. I made chicken parmesan, polenta with roasted tomato sauce, panko roasted cauliflower, and buttersquash for Christmas.

Last night I helped Avi make aloo parathas. This morning I made blueberry muffins with some of those blueberries I spent weeks picking carefully from the bushes as they ripened then lovingly froze. Tonight, I made a lovely lasagna with lots of vegetables and some of the tomato puree and roasted tomato sauce I canned this fall. I’m feeling happy that I am finally using the fruits of all my summer labors.



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