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This One Is a Fly-By

I’m working on socks right now. I know. Socks are such a surprise, right? Well, I have a quick knit to share soon too. My mom requested a short cowl that would stay upright and be close to her neck. So, of course I obliged. I’ll have pictures to share soon I’m sure. I’m percolating some other ideas for knitting patterns too. I’m going to be ready for some lace after all of these socks!

With any luck I will have more new patterns to share in the coming year. For those of you who are curious, we are planning to offer the sock patterns for the Black Sheep Hoppy Feet year of socks 3 months following the debut. So, January’s pattern will be available in April, and so on.

Well, back to work. I have socks to knit. lol