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These may have found their way to their intended recipient by now, so I’m taking a chance that a) the recipient has them and b) she does not read the blog (just in case she does NOT have them).

These were my 3rd pair of mittens from 2 skeins of Cascade Heritage 150. That is quite nice in my opinion. I am fairly sure I have enough yarn left to make a 4th pair too. Whoo. 4 pairs of mittens from 2 skeins of wool. That works out to about $9 in yarn per pair. Of course it does not take into account my time, but it is still nice to know that the project cost was “reasonable.” lol

I made these for a friend in Wisconsin, clearly named Melody, who was quite envious of the mittens I made this spring. She bid heatedly for that pair against another friend (Linda of the previous mittens), but lost out on the pair. It is hard to ignore such devotion and desire for handknits, so I considered the idea for some time.

Finally, I mocked up the design and set out to knit it. The total knitting on this took me less than a week, highly facilitated by my contracting a nasty head cold that afforded me ample time to sit and cough and knit and cough.

Yarn: Cascade Heritage 150 in Black and White, approx. 1/4 skein
Pattern: My own
Needles: US 1 Signature Steel DPNs
Modifications: Well, none, because I wrote it, and then I knit it and then I wrote a little more lol