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Is it the End of November already?

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Wow! Time has surely flown. I’m busily working on the “Black Sheep Hoppy Feet” patterns. There are pictures and links to come soon. I’m also working on a tatted pillowcase edging. Plus, I have a tatted scarf on the shuttle.

Then there is the shop sample of my Yuh-Chi scarf in Zauberball. Oh. I like how that is coming! It will be my fifth Yuh-Chi scarf. I really love this pattern. I think it might be my go-to pattern for easy and rewarding knitting.

I’m also planning some Christmas cookie making. I do love Christmas cookies. I think I need some cut-out cookies this year. Maybe some gingerbread, but definitely some sugar cookies. So, hang on until I can come back pictures!


One thought on “Is it the End of November already?

  1. We always bake cookies on Christmas Eve. Then, GORGE!