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While I Wait

I’m sitting at the kitchen table right now.  Listening to my husband speak hindi with his father.  Waiting for him to finish so that I can venture out to the rabbit barn and do my morning chores.  I’m rather stuck here right now though, because when I leave the house something incredibly loud happens.

Abbie howls.

It’s not just the mild whining, or a little yipping, maybe some big girl barking, no.  Abbie howls when I leave her in the house.  Not when I leave in the car, only when she is left in the house and I have clearly gone to do something fun outside.  And, lest you think this is a sign of her un-dieing love for me, she howls when Avi goes out as well.  To recap, I can be in the house and Avi walks outside without her and this causes howling.  And vice versa.

So, really I’m just sitting here to prevent the howling and wondering when I can go check my rabbits and run my outside errands.  I’ve been sick with a head cold for several days and minus the 1 hour I spent going to the grocery on Friday and the 2.5 hours I was at a knitting party last night, I haven’t really left the house.  I’m ready to go out for a while.

Now if Avi could just finish helping his Dad install an app on his phone via Skype, I could risk the howling beast.


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